Sensory Friendly Resources

 Sensory Friendly Resources

CMC offers a range of resources for our neurodiverse visitors. These resources are designed to support your family before, during, and after your visit so that our facility is as accessible as possible for children and families of all backgrounds and abilities.

Call Ahead Accommodations

If you are planning a visit with a child who has special needs and want to avoid waiting in line at the front desk, please call us at 216-791-7114. A member of our team will meet you in the lobby to check you in.


If you need to take a break and leave the building, please go to the front desk and ask for a re-entry sticker. This will enable you to return on the same day for no additional fee. 

Sensory Support Kits

CMC offers noise canceling headphones, sensory toys, and visual supports upon request at our front desk. These resources must be returned prior to your departure.

Sensory Friendly Room

Our Sensory Friendly Room is located on level one, across from our Arts and Parts exhibit. This private space contains special lighting, calming music, and other sensory support resources designed to create a space for respite should someone in your group become overwhelmed or overstimulated during their visit.

Social Narratives

This social narrative, complete with visual supports, will help familiarize your child with the museum's exhibits, rules, spaces, and helpers. We recommend that you read it with your child before your visit.

Make your Own Visual Schedule

This make your own visual schedule template contains picture cards that represent each area of the museum, along with a blank schedule template.

We recommend you print and assemble the picture cards to design your own visual schedule before you visit.

We have assembled two sample visual schedules for you – one for a short visit and one for a longer visit.

Video Model

This video model provides a step-by-step visual and audio explanation of how to appropriately interact with one of the water tables in the Wonder Lab.

Get In Touch


We’d love to hear about your visit to the museum, including whether or not our visual/sensory supports enhanced your child’s experience. Please spend a few minutes taking our brief online survey.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at 216-791-7114 or with any questions,

suggestions, or concerns.

Monarch Center for Autism's Welcoming Spaces Program

These resources were created in partnership with Monarch Center for Autism’s Welcoming Spaces Program. Their professional staff work with families and community-based organizations to:

  • Evaluate spaces and make sensory and visual support recommendations
  • Design customized sensory rooms
  • Develop customized visual, social, communicative, sensory, and behavioral supports
  • Assemble personalized “grab-and-go community toolkits”
  • Deliver autism-specific sensitivity training to employees
  • Develop marketing and communications materials (e.g., web copy, press releases, social media posts) to announce and promote the use of autism-friendly accommodations
  • Facilitate “pilot/test visits” for individuals with autism, administer surveys, and track data to demonstrate the benefits of autism-friendly accommodations

For more information,  visit or call 216-320-8945.