Outreach Programs

Bring the Museum to Your Classroom!

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland (CMC) offers Outreach Programs. We bring the museum to you! Enjoy the hands-on inquiry based learning experiences of CMC at your site. Our educators facilitate the programs which promote problem solving, critical thinking and creativity – the skills needed for 21st century learning. Select from a variety of programs listed, which align with Ohio Learning and Common Core Standards.

Age appropriateness : 3-7 years old
25 children maximum
45-minute session
Fee: $150

Programs may be available for larger groups at a higher cost.

Mileage: Additional cost for travel outside of Cuyahoga County may apply.

To request an Outreach Program, please complete the form here.

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"Our partnership with the Children’s Museum of Cleveland (CMC) has been a wonderful experience. The STEAM based lessons enhance our classroom curriculum and provide students with hands-on learning activities they love. We are thankful for the outreach program which brings the magic of the CMC into our classroom."

William Cullen Bryant School

Malinda Rohrabaugh, M.Ed.​

Educator: Intervention Specialist, Preschool

4 Program Themes

Colors, Prisms and Rainbows 

Can you find the end of the rainbow? Use prisms to separate light into the colors of the rainbow. Mix and filter colors using scientific equipment such as test tubes and pipettes. Observe how sun beads change colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays! Make your own UV bracelet to take home as a sun safe reminder and fashion statement!

Animal Adaptations

Why are animals different? Students will explore different parts of animals in a hands-on activity as they decide how each animal uses each trait/physical feature. Students will hear a story about different animal adaptations and why the trait would be helpful or not depending on the animal. Finally, students will apply what they learned as they create their own clay animals.

Race Into Space

Discover how the universe and our solar system were made. Students will simulate the Big Bang Theory with balloons, hear a story about the formation of the universe, and design their own planet to take home.

Great Artists

Ready, messy masterpieces begin! Children will learn about painter Claude Monet and Impressionism by viewing a sample of this work and hearing a story. Children will then create their own version of Monet’s “Water Lily Pond.”