Outreach Programs

Bring the Museum to Your Classroom!

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland (CMC) offers Outreach Programs. We bring the museum to you! Enjoy the hands-on inquiry based learning experiences of CMC at your site, or support distance learning with our remote packages! Select from a variety of programs listed, which align with Ohio Learning and Common Core Standards.

Age appropriateness : 3-7 years old
20 children maximum

In-Person Outreach Program: $250
*If the county that your school is in is at a level 4 on the Ohio Public Emergency scale at time of the visit, arrangements will be made to either reschedule or convert to a live virtual option.

With this package, our educators will be on-site to facilitate the program for your classroom. The programs last approximately 45 minutes, and all materials are included. Please note that there is an additional $15 fee for mileage for visits outside of Cuyahoga County.

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Please contact: programsandgroups@cmcleveland.org

"Brooklyn Preschool is proud to have collaborated with CMC to provide award-winning outreach programming to our students and their families. CMC offers hands-on and age-appropriate activities, enthusiastic and flexible educators, and a variety of outreach topics.  What a wonderful way to bring the museum to young children!  We look forward to welcoming CMC back to our classrooms in the future."

Brooklyn City School District

Courtney Seman

Educator: Intervention Specialist, Preschool

Program Themes

Colors, Prisms and Rainbows 

Can you find the end of the rainbow? Use prisms to separate light into the colors of the rainbow. Explore the color wheel using pipettes, and discover how color can mix together. Observe how sun beads change colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays! Culminate what you’ve learned about colors, rainbows, and sunlight, by making your own UV bracelets.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:


K-2: Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry, Practice and Applications 

Physical Science:K.PS.1 1.PS.1

Race Into

 Discover how the universe and our solar system were made! Students will simulate the Big Bang Theory with balloons, hear a story about the formation of the universe, and design their own planet to take home.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:

Science Earth and Space Science


Science: Physical Science



Let the messy masterpieces begin! You choose the artist: Louise Nevelson assemblage art, make a sculpture like Selma Burke, and more! We will discuss a bit about the artist, their medium of choice, and then students will have a chance to make their own masterpieces in the artist style.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

Kindergarten: Creating: K.2.CR, K.3.CR

Kindergarten: Producing: K.1.PR, K.2.PR

Kindergarten: Responding: K.1.RE

Animal Adaptations

Students will explore different animal traits and adaptations through a story and hands-on activity. Students will decide how each animal uses their traits, and whether they're helpful or not depending on the animal. They will then apply what they learned as they create a clay animal.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:


K-2: Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry, Practice and Applications 

Life Science: K.LS.1, K.LS.2