Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland (CMC) offers engaging outreach programs that bring the Museum to your classroom, camp, or event! Enjoy the hands-on inquiry-based learning experiences of CMC at your site, or support distance learning with our remote packages. Select from a variety of programs, all of which align with State of Ohio Learning and Common Core Standards.

In-Person Outreach Program: $250

Age appropriateness : 3-7 years old

20 children maximum
Larger groups can be accommodated

With this package, our educators will be on-site to facilitate the program for your classroom. The programs last approximately 45 minutes, and all materials are included.

Click here to view the available activity themes. 

CMC is able to serve multiple classrooms in a location concurrently. Please note that there is an additional mileage fee for visits outside of Cuyahoga County, calculated by the distance.

Custom Outreach Program: 

CMC Educators can create custom outreach programs for events, camps, and public functions. To inquire about pricing, please contact Kelsey Tarase, Director of Education at ktarase@cmcleveland.org .

Remote Field Trip: $200

This package includes either a pre-recorded virtual lesson from one of our educators, or the lesson plans for teachers to execute in-person. A supply kit with all materials for 25 students will be mailed to your site.

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Please email programsandgroups@cmcleveland.org directly to begin the booking process.

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Cancellation Policy:

30+ Days Notice: Full refunds will be issued.

2-4 Weeks Notice: A $25 rebooking fee will be held.

One week or less Notice: Your trip may be rescheduled, but will not be eligible for a refund.

Reservations are secured with an invoice and should be considered tentatively held until CMC has sent a confirmation email. Full payment is due day-of, no personal checks will be accepted. Family memberships, coupons, and guest passes may not be used toward your payment.

Program Themes

Colors, Prisms & Rainbows:

Students will use prisms to separate light into the colors of the rainbow. Then, we will discover the color wheel using pipettes, and explore how colors can mix together. Students will observe how sun beads change colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays, then culminate what they’ve learned by making their own UV bracelets.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:
Science: K-2: Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry, Practice and Applications 

Physical Science: K.PS.1 1.PS.1w

Race Into Space:

Discover how the universe and our solar system were made! Students will simulate the Big Bang Theory with balloons, hear a story about the formation of the universe, and design their own planet to take home.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:

Science Earth and Space Science: K.ESS.2:1.ESS.1

Science: Physical Science: 1.PS.1:

Animal Adaptations:

Students will explore different animal traits and adaptations through a story and hands-on activity. Students will decide how each animal uses their traits, and whether or not they are helpful to the animal. They will then apply what they learned as they construct their own animal out of clay.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:

Science: K-2: Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry, Practice and Applications 

Life Science: K.LS.1, K.LS.2

Dinosaur Explorers:

Learn about dinosaurs and the different characteristics that enabled them to live on Earth! Students will enjoy a themed story, engage in a discussion about what they’ve learned, and use clay to design their own dinosaur!

State of Ohio Learning Standards:

Science: Life Science   K.LS.1 K.LS.2 1.LS.1 1.LS.2 2.LS.2

Fine Arts: Visual Arts: Producing 1PR

Great Artists:

Let the messy masterpieces begin! Select from our list of artists, and our Museum educators will lead a discussion about their work, methods, and mediums. Then, students will have a chance to make their own masterpieces in the artist’s style.

State of Ohio Learning Standards:

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

Kindergarten: Creating: K.2.CR, K.3.CR

Kindergarten: Producing: K.1.PR, K.2.PR

Kindergarten: Responding: K.1.RE

Artist Themes:

Reza Abbasi: Painting with gold leaf

Uzo Eguno: Cut paper collage

Claude Monet: Painting

Joan Miró: Watercolor

Seoyoung Chung: Sculpture

Edgar Degas: Sculpture

Chang Dai-chien: Watercolor

Mary Cassatt: Printmaking

Rikio Takahashi: Printmaking

Alberto Giacometti: Sculpture

Paul Klee: Paper mosaic

Ohara Koson: Pencil nature art

Mark Rothko: Oil pastel

Kara Walker: Shadow/negative space drawing