Wonder Lab

Enter a world of water and wonder in this industrial science laboratory. Through the joy of play and experimentation, children become scientists as they use their natural curiosity to observe and explore how things work and why things happen.

What Kids Play

  • Enter the splash zone and explore 2 interactive water tables, a whirlpool, sinks, showers, and spouts.
  • Engage with your engineering mind by creating tracks and courses with loose parts.
  • Stay dry and send scarves flying in our vacuum scarf shooter, or build with colorful shapes at our light table.

What Kids Learn 

The scarf and ball shooters allow kids to explore vacuums and air flow.
Balls enter different tracks through the various play mechanisms. Kids can design different paths and outcomes using tracking, tubes, and connectors. This allows kids to problem solve, invent, and develop the early skills of engineering!

Wonder Lab allows kids to engage in mini science experiments. Kids study cause and effect by entering balls and scarves into a series of mechanisms. Principals such as whirlpools, the Bernoulli Effect, and laminar flow show how the force of water can create different reactions. 

Exhibit Support

Thank you to the Brian & Gretchen Colleran family for your generous support of our Wonder Lab exhibit!