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The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is not just a museum.

 We’re a science laboratory, an art studio, an engineering workshop, and a theater stage. 

We’re a community where families from all backgrounds can play and grow together.

We’re endless hours of wonder, and a place to build the brightest memories.

As a 501-c3 non-profit organization, The Children's Museum of Cleveland relies on grants and donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals to support our operations and programs. Support the children in your community by making a 100% tax-deductible donation below!

General Donation

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland honors the importance of early childhood, providing a learning environment that stimulates growth through exploration, observation, and discovery. Our interactive exhibits are designed to promote the cognitive benefits of play including enhancing brain structure, cultivating early math and language skills, encouraging social-emotional development, and building a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Wonder Fund

Our Wonder Fund supports our free and reduced admissions programs, making our experiences and resources accessible to ALL families. Gifts to our Wonder Fund help us offer free and reduced admissions programs for low-income families, free field trips and outreach programs for low-income students, and free family visits through our special needs access programs.


Board Contribution

The Children's Museum of Cleveland Board of Directors supports the organization by setting and supporting strategic goals, and helping create connections to partnerships, resources, and funding that allow the organization to thrive and grow. Interested in learning more? Contact Director of marketing & Development Hattie Kotz.

Annual Gala

This exclusive after-hours experience showcases your favorite destination for play in a whole new light. Proceeds benefit the Wonder Fund, supporting our free and reduced admission access programs. Mark your calendar for our next event on September 7th, 2024!