Play and experimentation unite in this bubble laboratory, with a variety of features that spark curiosity.

What Kids Play

  • Stretch a bubble bigger than your body at our bubble curtain pull. 
  • Paint bubble solution onto our custom bubble-blowing wall.
  • Make long winding bubble snakes at our giant hoop stations.
  • Jump and catch bubbles filled with fog. 
  • Set a flurry of bubbles in motion with our bubble blizzard.

What Kids Learn 

Bubbles allow young children to practice their observation skills and learn about cause and effect, which is foundational to STEM learning.

Blowing bubbles is great for children's development of oral motor skills, exercising the small muscles in their mouth that promote speech development.  

For infants and toddlers, observing bubbles is great for developing eye-tracking skills.

Bubbles is a joy-filled exhibit where children can discover the science of bubbles through hands-on exploration.  

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