Arts & Parts

Meeting at the intersection of science and art, this exhibit combines creative expression with STEM exploration. Open-ended art stations allow children to experiment with different creative processes, and flow seamlessly into a tinker section, which encourages children to engineer their own creations with tools and raw materials.

What Kids Play

  • Kids can engage in a variety of themed crafts and arts activities that rotate regularly.
  • Our tinker section provides materials and real tools that kids can use to design their own creations!

What Kids Learn

Arts & Parts is all about process over product. Kids are able to develop creativity best when they are not limited by an expected outcome. Crafts and activities are designed to give kids the freedom to explore different artistic processes and methods, using a range of mediums. 

The world’s next greatest inventor is out there! Find your inner Edison at our tinker section. Raw materials such as nails, washers, sticks, pieces and parts allow for kids to create anything that they can imagine with our tool box of REAL tools including hammers, screwdrivers, mallets, and more.

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