Adventure City

From a market to a two-story climber to construction site, our largest exhibit space invites children to build, work, climb, and explore this bustling city. This multi-level environment, comprised of cozy corners and tall overlooks, encourages pretend play and limitless imagination. The exhibit’s open-ended environment inspires the next generation of designers, problem-solvers, and collaborators.

What Kids Play 

  • Explore every corner of this mini-city including a farmer’s market, auto shop, doctor’s office, rooftop garden, reading nook, and hen house.
  • Use building materials including wood planks, spools, pipes, bricks, and blankets to create a house, car, or anything that your imagination dreams!
  • Build bravery in our two-story climbing structure, and second-story netted nest.

What Kids Learn

Adventure City is designed to encourage collaborative play. This helps kids learn about sharing, turn-taking, working as a team, and gives them the opportunity to interact with other kids from all different walks of life.

The freeform design of this exhibit allows kids to explore their imagination! Props from every part of this exhibit can be moved and re-imagined to create any play experience a child can dream up.

The development of gross motor skills and spatial awareness are essential to a child’s physical development! The climbing structure allows kids to learn how their bodies interact with space, and build confidence in their ability to take the leap, make the jump, and climb to the top.

Exhibit Support

Thank you to the Doreen & Dick Cahoon family for your generous support of our Adventure City exhibit!