Adventure City

From a market to a two-story climber to construction site, our largest exhibit space invites children to build, work, climb, and explore this bustling City. This multi-level environment, comprised of cozy corners and tall overlooks, encourages pretend play and limitless imagination. The exhibit’s open-ended environment inspires the next generation of designers, problem-solvers, and collaborators.

Wonder Lab

Enter a world of water and wonder in this industrial science laboratory. Children can explore whirlpools, jets, rivers, and more in two fun-filled water tables as other friends build ball tracks on the magnetic wall, make scarves fly through the air, and create cascades of bubbles. Through the joy of play and experimentation, children become scientists as they use their natural curiosity to observe and explore how things work and why things happen.


Imagination and collaboration come together in the theater, where young performers, set designers and directors can create their very own productions. Whether your child pretends to be an actor, dancer, costume designer, or stage hand, he or she will love engaging with other children to participate in their own performance. Creativity, imagination and teamwork are limitless as the magic of theater comes to life.

Making Miniatures

Nestled in a series of colorful rooms at the very top of the museum, children discover a fascinating collection of dollhouses, including a replica of CMC’s new home – the Stager Beckwith mansion. Children learn how miniaturists make pint-sized objects, design tiny rooms, and build small houses. As they explore this exhibit, children can search for a hidden logo, and, through hands-on play, create their very own miniature world.


Step into a tranquil space, designed specifically for the Museum’s youngest visitors. Infants, crawlers, and early walkers have a bright, clean, sensory-rich environment to explore, as they make sense of this fascinating world. The Meadow is designed to encourage, support, and nurture the parent/child relationship, building a firm foundation for life-long learning and healthy child development.


Immersed in a rich, one-of-a-kind, musical experience, children are encouraged to self-express with props and pretend instruments to create changing silhouettes on a dramatically lit shadow wall of moving shapes. Anyone can become a conductor, dancer or musician to celebrate the beauty of music and movement.

Arts & Parts

In this sun-filled art studio, children work with various materials, tools, and supplies to express their imaginations. Children design, construct, and experiment to create unique objects to take home or add to a communal project. Activities include explosions of color and investigations of art techniques as children unleash their inner artists.