What age range is the museum best suited for?

CMC is the only museum in Northeast Ohio dedicated to early childhood development.

Our exhibits have been designed for children ages 0-8, however children of all ages can enjoy the Museum.

Where is CMC located?

CMC is located at 3813 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland's MidTown neighborhood. The Museum moved from its former location in University Circle in to its current home in 2017. CMC is now located within the historic Stager-Beckwith mansion, part of Cleveland's historic "Millionaire's Row." 

Where can I park?

Parking in the museum's private lot is currently free for all visitors. Should the parking lot fill up, spaces are not guaranteed.

Can I host my child's birthday party at CMC?

CMC offers Party Rentals on Saturday and Sunday afternoons year-round.

Birthday parties without a scheduled room reservation are not permitted.
For more information or to book a party room, visit our Party Rentals page here.

Why is there an admission fee for adults?

The Museum is committed to the idea that the parent is the child’s first teacher. We support family engagement in all of our exhibits and encourage adults to play and enjoy the exhibits alongside their children.

Can adults enter the museum without a child?

For the safety of our visitors, we do not allow adults without children or children without adults to enter the Museum. The Museum defines an adult as any individual 18 or older. 

Is the museum accessible for persons with disabilities?

The Museum provides programs, exhibits, and spaces that are accessible to ALL visitors. The Museum is fully wheelchair accessible with ramp access at the entrance and elevator access to all of our exhibit spaces. CMC staff members are always available to answer questions or provide assistance.

Are services animals permitted in the museum?

Yes, service animals are always welcome.

Can I bring food and beverages?

Guests are welcome to bring food and beverages to enjoy at the Museum. All food and drink must be consumed in our designated Eating Areas on the first floor, and are not allowed in our exhibit spaces.

May I donate dollhouses, dolls, or any other objects?

Per the Museum’s Collections Policy, the Museum may not accept any donations to its collection. The Museum does not have the space, resources, or staffing to properly care for any additional items in perpetuity.