Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

Learning doesn’t have to stop while the Museum is closed! Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing story times and programs online so that families can keep learning through play with us. Check in with this page regularly for newly added videos and activities!

CMC Tales Story Times


 Spring Story Time - 3 Stories, Songs & Movement
 Not a Box - Single Story

 Imagination Story Time - 2 Stories

 The Lorax - Single Story 

Outer Space Story Time - 2 Stories (Pairs with Space Hopscotch Activity)

Five Little Penguins Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with Subtraction Bead Activity)

Newton's Law of Motion Story Time - 2 Stories (Pairs with Paper Plane Activity)

Snoopy Flying Ace Story Time - Single Story Paper Plane Activity, Comic Strip Activity

Oobleck Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with Oobleck Activity)

Inch by Inch Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with Frog Jump Measuring Activity)

Oscar and the Bird Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with DIY Circuit Activity)

Weather Story Time - 2 Stories (Pairs with Precipitation Science Experiment)


When I Say OOH, You Say AAH - Single Story

Paper Bag Princess - Single Story, Educational Extension 

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bear - Single Story

Nap Time Stories - 2 Stories

Elsa & Anna Nap Time Story - Single Story

I Want My Hat Back - Single Story

Super Silly Story Time - 2 Stories

Possum Magic - Single Story

Ava and the Rainbow (That Stayed) - Single Story

Commotion in the Ocean - Single Story (Pairs with shark hat craft)

Baseball Story Time - Single Story 

Dragons Love Tacos - Single Story (Pairs with Taco Cheeseburger Recipe)

Outdoor Story Time - 2 Stories

Rainbow Fish Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with Cheerio Octopus Craft)

Outdoor Fun Story Time - 2 Stories

Brown Bear Story Time - 2 Stories (Pairs with Brown Bear Yoga)

Mo Willems Story Time - 2 Stories

Winter Story Time - 3 Stories


Cinderella - Single Story

The Festival of Colors - Single Story

Rapunzel - Single Story (Pairs with Paper Plate Crown Craft)

Dance Story Time - 2 Stories (Pairs with Firework Zumba Exercise)  

Pete the Cat Story Time - 2 Stories Pete the Cat Shoe Design Extension (Pairs with Cool Cat Boogie Dance)

Spanish Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with Camino de Colores Activity)

Korean Story Time - Single Story (Pairs with Ddakji Game Activity)

Family Story Time - 3 Stories (Pairs with Family Drawing Activity: VideoWorksheet)


Wendell the Narwhal - Single Story (Pairs with Conducting activity)


Bright Side of a Bad Day - 2 Stories (Pairs with Super Hero Workout Extension)

Feelings Story Time - 3 Stories (Pairs with Feelings Cube Activity)


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Single StoryNo-bake Cookie Recipe


How to Catch a Leprechaun - Single Story

Passover Story Time - 2 StoriesEducational Extension

Easter Story Time - 2 Stories, Educational Extension 1 & 2

Egg in a Bottle Experiment

The Science of Dyeing Eggs

Earth Day Counting Worksheet

Egg Shell Garden Activity

Arbor Day Story Time - 2 Stories (Pairs with Nature Hunt Craft)

Star Wars Story Time - 2 Stories Build a Yoda Extension (Pairs with Star Wars Shadow Puppet Craft)

Mother's Day Story Time - 3 Stories (Pairs with Mother's Day Hyacinth Craft)

Thanksgiving Story Time - 3 Stories

Turkey Dance Thanksgiving Zumba


Lion Mask Craft

Toilet Paper Tube Olaf

Painting with a Fork

Paper Plate Crown, Educational Extension / Instructions (Pairs with Rapunzel story time.)

Fine Motor Skill Craft

Homemade Finger Paint

Shark Hat Craft Educational Extension/ Instructions (Pairs with Commotion in the Ocean story time)

Cheerio Octopus Craft Educational Extension / Instructions, Additional Extension (Pairs with Rainbow Fish story time)

Veggie & Fruit Stamp Art

Star Wars Shadow Puppet Craft (Pairs with Star Wars story time)

Silly Monster Card (Pairs with Tickle Monster story time)

Ripped Watermelon Craft Educational Extension & InstructionsWatermelon Coloring Page

Flag Making Craft Educational Extension & Instructions

DIY Doctor Kit

STEM Activities

Color Mixing
Rainbow Coffee Filter Craft
 , Educational Extension

Cardboard Construction (Pairs with Not a Box story time)

Mini Greenhouse (Pairs with The Lorax story time)

STEM Experiments - Chemical Reactions

Egg in a Bottle Experiment

Nature Hunt Craft (Pairs with Arbor Day story time.)

Subtraction Bead Activity (Pairs with 5 Little Penguins story time)

Paper Plane Activity (Pairs with Newton's Law of Motion story time)

Oobleck Activity Written Instructions (Pairs with Oobleck story time) 

Frog Jump Measuring Activity (Pairs with Inch by Inch story time)

DIY Solar Oven

DIY Circuit Activity (Pairs with Oscar and the Bird story time)

Music Activities

DIY Kazoo Making 

Mini-Musicians - Solfège

Drum Making (Pairs with Percussion Program)

Percussion Program

Conducting Activity (Pairs with Wendall the Narwhal story time)

Egg Shaker Making

Holiday Activities

Passover Origami Frog Making

Leprechaun Trap


Easy No-Bake Cookies



DIY Laser Maze, Educational Extension

Colors & Shapes Hopping Game

Animal Themed Family Yoga

Firework Zumba Exercise (Pairs with Dance Story Time)

Space Hopscotch Activity (Pairs with Outer Space Story Time)

Happy Zumba Exercise

Camino de Colores (Pairs with Spanish Story Time)

Brown Bear Yoga (Pairs with Brown Bear Story Time)

Zumba Dance Routine 

Super Hero Yoga

Princess Yoga

Turkey Dance Thanksgiving Zumba 

Space Mission Yoga


Fine Motor Skills Relay

Fine Motor Paper Clip Chain