CMC Memberships

CMC offers annual Memberships so that families can enjoy the museum exhibits all year long.

Become a member by signing up online, or at the museum front desk. 

** Memberships may not be used for school group visits.

COVID Closure Membership FAQ

Q: Am I losing value on my Membership since I haven't been able to use it?

A: Nope! Your CMC Membership will not lose any value while we are closed to the general public. All active Memberships will be automatically extended for the duration of the closure.

Q: Can I still use my Membership to visit or get discounts while CMC is closed?

A: With Memberships frozen, Membership benefits will also be frozen for the duration of the temporary closure. Your Membership will not lose value, but you cannot use it at this time.

Q: When will my Membership expire?

A: Since we do not yet have a reopening date, we are not able to determine what the final extension period for Memberships will be. When CMC reopens to the general public, we will let all Members know the total number of days that their Memberships have been extended.

Q: Will I need a new Membership card?

A: No, the Membership card that you have will continue to work. Our internal system will be updated to extend all Memberships for the duration of the closure. 

All Memberships


Unlimited ​visits

for one year!

Unlimited access to our

educational classes and programs

10% discount on purchases

from the Museum Gift Shop

10% discount on ​

Birthday Party rentals

​Advance​ registration and discounts 

for camps, events and programs

Membership Levels


Basic Family

Includes up to 3 individuals

residing in the same household.

*Memberships are non-refundable


​Family Plus

Includes 4 to 6 family members residing in the same household. 

Add additional family members residing in the same household or a caregiver for only $20 each.

*Memberships are non-refundable


Association of

Children’s Museums Reciprocal Membership

Good for up to 6 people, in the same household, for half price admission.

Click here for more information on ACM membership benefits.

*Memberships are non-refundable