In Theater, children can use props, costumes, and technical aspects such as lighting and sound to create their own productions.

What Kids Play

  • Take the stage! Children can sport a series of costumes and props to play a role in a group performance, imagine their own production, or freestyle on their own.
  • In our dressing room area, kids can pick our costumes, and use pretend makeup and styling tools in front of a glamorous old-Hollywood vanity to transform into different characters.
  • Lights, camera, action! Kids can take a seat at our tech booth and create different lighting and sound effects.

What Kids Learn

Confidence is key! This exhibit encourages children to share their thoughts, ideas, and voice and build confidence as they perform in front of other guests.

Engaging in storytelling allows children to learn about different cultures, communicate their thoughts and feelings, and explore their imagination.

This communal space encourages children to play collaboratively and learn to work as a team, share creative ideas, and engage with other children.

Exhibit Support

Thank you to The Kelvin & Eleanor Smith Foundation for your generous support of our Theater exhibit!