Let's Learn Activity Boxes

Let's Learn Activity Boxes

Whether your child is doing remote learning, home schooling, or headed back to the classroom this fall, it is always great to have extra activities on hand to keep learning fun at home.

The Children's Museum of Cleveland is here to help! Our new Let's Learn activity boxes are packed full of engaging experiments, crafts, and activities designed for young minds. Each box comes with 5 activities, with all lessons and materials included. All boxes are designed to align with State of Ohio Learning Standards, so they will complement the curriculum that your child is learning in school. 

Let's Learn boxes ship for free anywhere in the contiguous United States, so you can order them for your family, for a friend, or even for out of town relatives as a fun surprise.

STEM: PRE-K Science Box

Gearing up for your child's entry into PRE-K? This kit is a great introduction into science for our young learners!

This kit includes materials & lessons for:
  • Chemistry: play dough
  • Biology: tree life cycle
  • Physics: boat floating
  • Math: math monsters
  • Coding: binary patterns

(shipping included)

STEM: Junior Chemist Box

Become a junior chemistry whiz and explore chemical reactions through 5 hands-on activities! If you like to experiment, and sometimes make a fun mess, this box is for you!

This kit includes materials & lessons for:
  • Play dough making
  • Chemical reaction exploration
  • Gooey Messy Oobleck 
  • Homemade Slime
  • Alka-seltzer rocket launch

(shipping included)

STEM: Earth Science Box 

Build curiosity and learn about how the world works! This box teaches us about science that can be found in nature, both in faraway places and right in our own backyard.

This kit includes materials & lessons for:
  • Volcano experiment
  • Ocean ecosystem diorama
  • Seed planting
  • DIY Bird Feeder
  • Mini land ecosystem in a jar
    Bonus! DIY Wood Necklace

(shipping included)

MUSIC: I've Got Rhythm Box 

Exploring rhythm is a great way to create a foundation for musical learning! In this box, you will find all the materials to make 5 different DIY percussion instruments to practice rhythm! 

This kit includes materials & lessons for:
  • Kazoo
  • Harmonica
  • Drum
  • Guitar
  • Egg Shaker

(shipping included)

ART: Mini Impressionist Artist Box

Unleash your creativity and explore the popular 19th-century art movement Impressionism! In this box, you will learn about 5 artists and try your hand at different artistic methods inspired by the artists' work.

This kit includes materials & lessons for:
  • Chang Dai-chien: Water color painting
  • Mary Cassat: Printmaking
  • Edgar Degas: Sculpture
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Painting
  • Claude Monet: Masterpiece on canvas

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"I love that you made it so easy and contactless by putting together all of the supplies and how organized, engaging, and jam-packed with learning it was."

"The activities were amazing and so engaging!"

"My child loved doing the activities. As parents, we loved how all of the materials were provided and everything was organized very well."